Must not agree with Glenn Beck

Certain opinions may not be held: In the twisted minds of the Left, it is racist to say that Obama is racist, apparently. No attempt to mount a rational argument about the matter: Just abuse. And if someone does try to look at it analytically ...
" has successfully urged over 80 advertisers to cut ties with Glenn Beck's show after he called President Obama "racist." Murdoch is now backpedaling to keep advertisers from dropping FOX altogether.

Last week, Murdoch said, "if you actually assess what he was talking about, [Beck] was right" to say Obama is racist. When heads turned, Murdoch's spokesman insisted, "He does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist."[4]

But the meaning of Murdoch's words was clear. And he hasn't agreed to stop FOX's race-baiting.
FOX's top hosts are using racism to whip up opposition to President Obama:


More details here. Glenn Beck claimed to see racism in some of Obama's decisions and words but you are not allowed to think that nor are others allowed think that, apparently. Obama CANNOT be racist and that is that. And don't you dare think otherwise!

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