BBC slammed over gay execution debate

For once I think the BBC have a point. If something's happening out there in the real world, you should be free to discuss it from all angles. It's a bit amusing when the BBC get censored though -- seeing they do so much censoring themselves.

"British politicians today condemned the BBC for hosting an online debate asking: "Should homosexuals face execution?" The debate on the government-owned broadcaster's Have Your Say Web site has now closed, and the title was changed to "Should Uganda debate gay execution?" after it provoked uproar online. It was in response to a proposed bill in Uganda that could lead to the death penalty for gay people.

On his blog Labour Member of Parliament Eric Joyce said: "What's happened here, I think, is that the BBC has attempted to tap into the Ugandan zeitgeist, if you will, and reflect the sort of discussions going on in Kampala." He said: "Is the BBC really there to provide credibility to a vile discussion around a profoundly hideous and savage piece of legislation?"

The BBC, in its Editor's Blog, defended its decision to host the debate. "The editors of the BBC Africa Have Your Say program thought long and hard about using this question which prompted a lot of internal debate," the post said. "We agree that it is a stark and challenging question, but think that it accurately focuses on and illustrates the real issue at stake."


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