Spinnin' Like A Wood Lathe

Dr. Martin Luther King - whose birthday is observed as a National Holiday today - famously said,

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

On Tuesday we will swear in the winner of November's media-kinked election.
(If you DON'T think that the "news" jackals were the deciding factors in picking BOTH of the major parties' candidates, you must have been living in a cave, last year.)

Soon-to-be-President barack hussein obama has precisely ZERO personal or political accomplishments to elevate him above ANY of
the squawking vultures of the Senate, and less than even most of the other denizens in Congress, who only do two year terms.
...in fact, the 140+ workdays that BO spent actually "WORKING" as a Senator (considering he's been campaigning for the White House for the past two years) is actually less "time in service" than what would be required to get a raw recruit promoted to buck sergeant!!!

As for his "character"?
It was perfectly fine for BO to sit that Chicago church and listen to the "reverend" jeremiah wright's racist, anti-American speeches for 20+ years to get some "street cred in the hood", but as soon as the preacher's rhetoric became an embarrassment to candidate obama, BOOT TO THE HEAD!
...and the guy he called his mentor (the guy who inspired the title of one of his books!) got kicked to the curb.

tony "lemme-do-ya-a-couple-$100,000-favor-for-no-rational-reason" rezko (now a convicted felon), was fine to buy real estate from - at a killer discount! - but, well....gee, BO says he didn't really KNOW him.......

Of course, the fact that bill ayers and BO spent years on the same academic committee together - the Woods Foundation - and exchanged thousands of dollars in grant money, and had the aspiring young politician begin his political career by getting the blessing of ayers in his home doesn't mean anything.
It doesn't mean that the "community organizer" knew ANYTHING about how ayers (and his lovely wife bernadine dohrn the convicted bomber) were domestic terrorists with the Weather Underground, back in the sixties.
...nevermind ayers' quote - after being acquitted on a technicality - "Guilty as hell, free as a bird, what a country...."

The guy who was RECORDED trying to trade BO's now-empty US Senate seat for money or a sweetheart appointment or a cushy job for him and his wife...?
Well, uh...sure, BO endorsed him and
spent a lot of time getting the "f-bomb" spewing Chicago punk elected governor of Illinois, but that doesn't mean that ANY of the swamp-slime stuck to him from the Chicago Machine that produced him, and he didn't really KNOW blogo, ya know....

In point of fact, nearly everyone I met who admitted they were voting for the Sacred Sock Puppet COULD NOT come up with ANY real accomplishments he's had, COULD NOT name any specifics of his grandiose plans, and most weren't even sure WHAT HIS PLANS WERE!
...although a couple of them said they wanted to have sex with him....
....now THERE'S some damned solid reasoning for voting for an empty suit to become the 44th President of the United States!

Okay, let's be clear about this:

The Sacred Sock Puppet's selection is ALL about his skin color.
95% of blacks (I don't do "hyphenated American") voted for him.
Nearly every pro-BO voter had zero idea of what he stands for - except the empty bumpersticker rhetoric of "hope" and "change" - but they voted for him anyway.
There's already "commemorative coins", plates, watches, and other chachki's flooding late night infomercials and street-corner hucksters' stalls.
The word "historic" is being tossed around like balloons at a kid's birthday party.
Absolutely NO "news" report goes by without some reference - indirect, usually - to the fact of his race.
...and hell and damnation were called down upon ANYONE who dared even utter the Sacred Sock Puppet's middle name, particularly from the MUSHY-MODERATES AMONG THE REPUBLICANS, ESPECIALLY THEIR SO-CALLED "NOMINEE"!!!

Face it, anyone who uses words like "historic", "unprecedented", or "post-racial" is - by definition - bowing at the Altar of Racism, since the ONLY difference between the Sacred Sock Puppet and every other previous President is THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN!

(You can't really say his name all that different, either...I mean, "Millard Fillmore"? sheesh....)

The bottom line is simply this:
If you haven't already - MANY TIMES! - heard "news" jackals saying that the Sacred Sock Puppet is the fulfillment of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, trust me, you will.
But the ugly reality is that the 44th President of the United States has nothing that can be
even charitably described "CHARACTER", therefore he HAS been judged by the color of his skin.

barack hussein obama EMBODIES THE ANTITHESIS of Dr. King's "Dream", and I have zero doubt that the good Doctor is spinnin' like a wood lathe in his grave.

Luckily, MLK was a REAL man of God, and has likely already forgiven the scum who have perverted his dream.
Perhaps, some day, his dream will REALLY come true...but not on 20 JAN 09.

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