Pick a side dammit!

Daily Mail [Dec 29, 2008] - Many people within the Muslim world were looking to the American president-elect to offer a fresh view on the Middle East and the cycle of violence. But three days after the Israeli assault began, he has remained silent. Senior aides said Obama was leaving all comments to President Bush. His White House adviser, David Axelrod, said there was ‘only one president at a time’ and that Obama did not want to send out mixed signals. Aides suggested Obama would not get involved until he is sworn in as president in just over three weeks’ time.

LiveNews [Jan 03, 2009] - US president-elect Barack Obama has urged congressional leaders to move quickly on an economic recovery plan, even as some Republicans are saying they want more time to review the details. Obama said Congress should pass an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan designed to create three million jobs. ......"For too many families, this new year brings new unease and uncertainty as bills pile up, debts continue to mount and parents worry that their children won't have the same opportunities they had," Obama said in an address taped on Friday and distributed on radio and posted on YouTube on Saturday morning.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, also a Democrat, are to receive details on Monday. Obama plans meetings next week with other congressional leaders - including Republican members whose support he will need - and made an effort not to blame his predecessor, the unpopular President George W Bush.

MK - Oh yeah, none of them nasty mixed signals getting out here folks, no sir. I guess some 'mixed signals' are more equal than other mixed signals. So can all those people in the Muslim world get something from Obama on this, now that we've gotten past the wiffle-waffle about mixed signals and all that. Come on great one, they want you to condemn Israel and demand that all give HamASS a chance. Tell us that's not really what you also want, stop slithering around on the fence and pick a side Obama.

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