Lerv In Melbournistan.

Pics from today here.

While I never felt quite safe, I only got verbally abused for being a christian and supporting Israel.

By white people, of course.

None of us carried placards, and I'm glad about that, as the police presence was near non-existent. The one time I did have a chat to the police about the sign above, he really didn't have much of a clue about jihadi ideology.

I had explained that even though I was aware we've got some freedom of speech, I felt this one overstepped the limits and I was very offended by it.

When he did come to see it, he suggested that the crowd would take offence to it as I did. I laughed at that one, and said there was no way this crowd would disagree with the anti-Jewish signs and comments.

I'll do a proper post later, I just wanted to get these out there for now. I wasn't alone, and I'm expecting more photos from different parts of the rally.

We didn't go for the march down to Federation Square for more allah snackbarring, as this was more than enough for even me to stomach.

Taken at the State Library of Victoria, on Swanston Street (between Lt Lonsdale and Latrobe Streets), Melbournistan.

Usual players: the Communist Party, the Socialist Alliance, plenty of muslim groups, the ACTU, the nurses union (!). I wonder how all those working families who are paying their union dues feel about that?

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