"Centrist" obama?

As if it's not bad enough that I'm home from work today with the Plague, I just watched President obama sign a number of Executive Orders:

The first will (supposedly) close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay within a year.
...but leaves plenty of wiggle room for him to check the weather vane of public opinion and change his mind, which should be just about as soon as Americans realize that they don't want those terrorists in jails in their own back yards.

Bear in mind that of the terrorists ALREADY released from Gitmo, over fifty of them have returned to their murderous ways and been either captured again or killed.
Some are still active but NOT dead or captured....

The second EO specifies the use of the Army Field Manual on Interrogations as the standard for ALL U.S. forces in the handling of any detainees. No more "tough" interrogation techniques like water-boarding, keeping them awake for a long time, "stress positions" that make them uncomfortable, and no more playing Barney the Purple Dinosaur songs really loud....
...all of which are used in training some of our own troops, by the way, but are "too mean" for terrorists.

Oh-Mama bin-Hidin' must be laughing his beard off.

The third EO creates a "special task force" to "study the disposition of detainees".
(This will be the mechanism which gives President bumpersticker the "out" to blame someone else for leaving at least some terrorists in Gitmo, ya know.)

...and that "special task force" will include the likely new Attorney General - Eric Holder - who helped pardon the Puerto Rican FALN terrorist bombers, AND Marc Rich (who had business dealings with Iran WHILE 50+ Americans were being held hostage for 444 days).

Military tribunals aren't good enough - and shouldn't be trusted in any case, according to the terrorist-hugging liberalites - so it will be the job of this new pile of bureaucraps to figure out what to do with each detainee, on a case by case basis.
...which should drag out the whole process (well over 300 detainees left, don'cha know) until at least late in BO's term.
What a coincidence....

Perhaps harry reid will agree to have Khalid Sheik Mohammed (the 9/11 mastermind, who gave up his secrets ONLY after being water-boarded!) locked down in his hometown jail in Nevada?

It also looks like we'll have a confessed tax evader (geithner) in charge of the IRS as Treasury Secretary.
Do we REALLY want someone who can't handle his own taxes in charge of managing the TRILLION DOLLAR BAIL OUT?

Where's the outcry from conservative reps over that abomination?
Forget it, the mushy-moderates like hagel, graham, mccain and the rest are already kissing up to the liberalites and their lapdog media pals by bending over and grabbing their ankles.

And here's some additional considerations:

1. When it comes to putting Gitmo detainees in civilian courts in the U.S., consider the fact that German saboteurs - captured on American soil in WW2 - were tried in military tribunals and summarily executed (electric chair) during the Administration of the liberals' patron saint, FDR;

2. During the evidentiary process in an American court, the reasons we have for keeping some detainees could not be disclosed, since they could compromise National Security "assets" - which means either techniques, technologies, or human agents - which would then become either unusable or deceased.
(as was the case after Sen. leahy "leaked" intel to the press, which got an Egyptian asset "slightly dead");

3. As a result of #2, some of the detainees would have to be released, under American civilian law;

4. Foreign nationals who have engaged in terrorism against Americans, and been detained because of it, are NOT entitled to American civil rights, but that's what the leftists in charge in D.C. are determined to GIVE them;

5. Those same terrorists are NOT entitled to ANY protections under ANY of the Geneva Convention Protocols, no matter how far you stretch them - I've TAUGHT the "Law of Land Warfare" to young soldiers, so I'm not just popping smoke on this;

6. The fact that BO has decided to leave two Bush43 appointees as envoys to Iraq and A-stan, and leaving Gates in as SecDef are NOT signs of "centrism", as the media spins it.
They are tacit admissions that Bush was right.

In short, ANY illusions people might have about President barack hussein obama "governing from the center", ARE just smoke...and mirrors.

God Help America - them politicians sure as hell won't.

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