Lessons we ought to learn from

JPost - Two Israelis were lightly wounded when they were shot by a group of men in a mall in Odense, Denmark on Wednesday afternoon. ......The shooting took place at the Rosengaard mall in Odense, 170 kilometers west of Copenhagen. It took place around 3:30 p.m., when the mall was filled with people doing last-minute shopping before the New Year's break. One of the Israelis was hit in the hand and the other in the leg, police said, adding that their wounds were not life-threatening. ......Police spokesman Lars Thede said it was not immediately clear whether the Israelis were targeted because of their nationality.

A video surveillance camera showed a swarthy man with a dark mustache and dark hair in his mid-20s pulling out a gun before opening fire. "We cannot say whether he is Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian or Bosnian, or where he is from," Thede said. ......The men, who were selling hair care products, had been harassed by a group of youths in recent days, Denmark's Ritzau news agency said. The nature of the harassment was not immediately known. According to the B.T. newspaper's Web site, a man shouted something in a Middle Eastern language and opened fire. Another Israeli inside the hairdressing shop threw a chair at the gunman, the newspaper said.
I think it's safe to say that this is just one more incident in the miles-long list of atrocities committed by the followers of the religion of peace, tolerance and whatever else. Before someone starts caterwauling about the zionist genocide as justification and all that, put down the kool-aid and ask yourself this. Recently close to 200 people were murdered by Muslim terrorists in the name of Islam in India, would some of us in, say Australia, be justified in rounding up a couple of Muslims and shooting them? Off course not, neither are these scumbags.

I wonder if Europeans are taking note, after years of multiculturalism, tolerance, diversity and all that, this is what they get. Today they target Jews, which is probably alright with Europeans, I'm sure they'll say it was because of Jewish aggression or whatever nonsense they think it is. They do it in broad daylight now, in a busy mall, without any fear. Tomorrow, they may do it to the European, for whatever grievance, then what will the Europeans do.

On a side note, I thought I should point out that, according to my research, Denmark has strict gun control laws. So, like most of us in the western world, they too swallowed the stupidity of gun control. So ask yourself another question, how did these men get a gun and shoot those two Israelis? So much for gun control eh, and before you go back to the kool-aid, ask yourself what stopped them or anyone else from using those guns to just kill as many as they can, since the gun-control laws have failed?

On another note, it's good to see the Israelis have more brains and balls that most of us. Did you notice that one of them threw a chair at the gunman. He was probably not raised in the western world, where we are mostly cajoled into embracing the 'no-balls' method for pretty much everything. We are told to always run, always hide, always cower, always beg, all weapons = bad etc. Never to stand and fight, that sometimes you have to fight evil and savagery no matter what.

There are lessons for all of us here, and learn from them we must. The only choice being whether we learn the easy way or the real easy way.

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