Gitmo - A path to citizenship

LiveNews - The Rudd Government has confirmed the United States has asked Australia to resettle some of Guantanamo Bay's detainees when the military prison is shut down. The government is considering the request and says the terror suspects will only be accepted if they meet strict guidelines. A spokesman for acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said each Guantanamo Bay inmate would go through "rigorous assessment processes" before being resettled. ......The US has cleared around 60 detainees for release, but they can't be returned to their home nations because of security concerns.
What the hell, are they mad? No wait, don't answer that, they're leftists, so a certain level of derangement is expected. But this! Does anyone know what they mean by 'security concerns' regarding returning them to where they came from? Once re-settled here in Australia, will they be barred from leaving the country then?

And what exactly are these "rigorous assessment processes"? Must vote for the Labor/Green party and often? Don't laugh, you should know lefties by now. I posted about this a while ago thinking that they wouldn't actually go ahead with this and well, here we are 'considering' and 'assessing'. This is just madness, how long will they be resettled here for, will this be citizenship? Will they be put on welfare for life, what about their familes? Will the be brought here too, granted citizenship too? Welfare for them, beachfront housing?

What if they won't work, will we even ask them to work? Will we force them to work, yeah I'd really like to see lefties make terrorists freedom-fighters work. What happens if they turn to crime and start preying upon the rest of us, you can't deport them because of 'security concerns', whatever that means. Our laws are as weak as wet lettuce so we'll just have to grin and bear it I suppose.

And what about us, you know, the fools who'll be paying for these terrorists detainees to live here? After all, it's won't be kevin07, 08 or 09 and his band of bloody weasels who'll be paying for all this, it won't be the mad-left yearning for this either, so don't we get a say in this at all. What a joke Australia is becoming now under the Labor government, our navy and army go on holidays during Christmas, we no longer detain illegal immigrants in an immigration facility and now we're accepting terror-suspects! Good grief Australia, what the hell did we do!

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