Where Do You Stand?

Some “famous” British singer (who would probably want all bloggers to mention her name so she’d get kudos from her similarly brain-fried liberalite cronies) is protesting AGAINST Israel’s decision to take out the terrorist garbage in Gaza.
After all, what’s a few thousand missiles – launched completely without guidance, just vaguely pointed in the general direction of random civilian targets – compared to the savagery of the Zionist oppression of trying to control all imports to Gaza (like those pesky rockets and suicide vests) and attempting to undermine the benevolent, "duly-elected" (they always hasten to point out) Hamas regime?
(pay no attention to the fact that the Hamas Charter specifically states that
Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.

Why should Israel be worried about being betrayed by the incoming liberalite Administration, merely because the President-elect has repeatedly stated his preference for “diplomacy” (just like too many previous misAdministrations) over actions that actually have proven historical results, like....
...oh, I dunno, perhaps something like what the Allies in World War II did to Germany, Italy and Japan...
....you know (to borrow an over-used phrase from “Princess Caroline” Kennedy), how about something like pretty much comprehensively beating the shit out of them until they decide to stop fighting and play nice?

Nothing else works – nothing else EVER HAS!

Sure, over 55 years of a war that was never “declared”, and thus has also NEVER ENDED!
Ask the people starving in the dark in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the tender care of Kim Jong-Il how well that’s been working for them.

Viet Nam went on and on for more than a decade with the clinical insanity of that whole “fight-until-we-can-negotiate-a-peaceful-coexistence” bullshit, until the unholy troika of Ho Chi Minh's propaganda, the Western media, and American peacenik protesters finally convinced the U.S. politicians to surrender....
...the American and ARVN troops never did give up, until they were ordered to do so.

All that meaningless diplomatic masturbation of the 17 UN resolutions accomplished precisely NOTHING - except giving Saddam 12 more years to rape, maim, torture and murder more of his own citizens than he would have had if we'd done things right in '91.
...oh, and letting his antiaircraft boys get some periodic target practice on American and Brit aircraft patrolling the No-Fly Zones.....but we're not supposed to wonder about that - it's not "politikally korrect" to worry about military personnel risking their lives to protect innocent people FROM THEIR OWN DAMNED GOVERNMENT!

But now, Saddam is sucking sulfur in Hell instead of wasting oxygen in Baghdad and Iraq is turning into a nation where its own people govern themselves.
...gee, what a novel concept, and all made possible because we were old fashioned enough to go back in and FINISH THE DAMNED JOB....

There is no substitute for "make-your-enemy-quit-VICTORY".
...as the 61 years of UN/Arab/Israeli “ceasefires” and “negotiation”, and the endless “take-the-territory-only-to-give-it-back appeasement” non-war has conclusively demonstrated to anyone with even the slightest awareness of history.
Why the hell burn up equipment, money, blood and soldiers’ lives to TAKE such God-forsaken (but militarily strategic) terrain like Gaza, the Golan Heights, the Sinai, and the West Bank IF YOU’RE ONLY GOING TO GIVE IT BACK SO THE SAME SHIT CAN HAPPEN TO THE NEXT GENERATION?!?!?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, which brings us back to my opening statement.

Once again (I’m not even going to TRY to count how many times this is) Israel is defending herself against IslamoFascist asshats; terrorist pukes who use their own children as human shields, firing from schools, mosques and crowded neighborhoods, just so that when the IDF does shoot back, they have lots of their own dead and wounded KIDS to parade in front of the media vultures’ cameras!!!
(...so, what kind of no-fly zone patrol can protect THOSE kids from their own government?)

Naturally, the usual suspects come crawling out from under their smokeless coffee shops to grab some publicity.
The brain-fried kum-bye-yah elitists like the Congresscritter who smacked a Capitol Hill policeman for DARING to tell her to show an ID before entering Congress, the “Green” party's (don’t get me started on the slimy alliance between greenies and the rest of the hard-core, zero-thought left!)
failed Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.
That unmitigated twit was running a boatload of “humanitarian supplies” THROUGH AN ISRAELI BLOCKADE – AFTER THE FIGHTING HAD STARTED! – and then slithered in front of some cameras to accuse the IDF of brutally ramming her boat!
Three times!

...nevermind that it was only once, with minor damage, and only AFTER the twits on the boat failed to comply with repeated orders to turn around and go away....

And of course – as predictable as tornados smacking the snot outta trailer parks in the Midwest year after year after year (don’t get me started...) – what is the UN doing?
Proving once more that it is every bit as anti-Israel as those of us with functioning gray-cells know it is.
Hypocrisy in the UN?!?!?
Say it ain’t so!

Nevermind having human rights powerhouses like China, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia on their “Human Rights” commission.
Nevermind that it took the Brits and the U.S. on the Security council to highlight how biased and lop-sided was Libya’s draft resolution condemning Israel hitting Hamas, with ALL the usual (cliché, by now) rhetoric:

“The draft resolution "strongly condemns all military attacks and the excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force by Israel, the occupying power, which have led to the death and injury of scores of innocent Palestinian civilians, including women and children."

It calls for "an immediate ceasefire and for its full respect by both sides."

It also calls on Israel "to scrupulously abide by all of its obligations under international humanitarian law, particularly under the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilians in time of war."

The 15-member council is now expected to convene a public debate on the draft resolution that includes representatives from Israel, Egypt, the Arab League and the Palestinian territories.

The resolution makes no mention of the ongoing Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli territory that Israel said prompted its retaliatory offensive against Gaza.”

There’s also no mention of how Israel made thousands of calls to areas they planned to strike, warning Pawn-estinian civilians to get the hell out, and simultaneously tipping their hand, militarily – as in, so much for ANY element of surprise, and IDF soldiers will pay a steeper price in blood because of it.
…and do NOT forget that the people running Israel’s government are the SAME ONES (Ehud Olmert and crew) who micromanaged the war against Hizballah in Lebanon in ’06 to such a disappointing loss.
There's zero mention of Hamas being the ones to break the LAST "ceasefire".
There’s also zero mention of Hamas’ standard operating procedure of placing their munitions and leaders spang in the middle of all those civilians.
Of course, you have Hamas apologists on every news program, doing yeoman’s work trying to lever any and ALL blame for the bloodshed onto Israel – as in, “...it’s all because of Israeli oppression! Hamas HAS to (smuggle in explosives for suicide bombers and those Iranian-made rockets, store them in schools, and fire them randomly into Israel) struggle to throw off the yoke of Israeli oppression....”

Okay, so I added the parenthetical part in the above (otherwise "completely accurate") apologist statement.

Also, let’s clarify just a couple things: like the “excessive, disproportionate” response has nothing to do with the numbers, but everything to do with the fact that – unlike Hamas – the IDF actually AIMS their munitions.
That “indiscriminate” part is just flat-out bullshit, as is the part dragging the Geneva Convention Protocols into this mess.
If they were TRULY interested in upholding the Geneva Conventions, there might just be the SLIGHTEST interest in at least MENTIONING what Hamas does to civilians – both Israeli AND Pawn-estinian.

And what about the liberalite protest pukes in San Freak-cisco, Berkeley, D.C., New York, London, Paris, and all the other places where liberalism has infected the populace?
They get has-been singers, “activist” actors, and all sorts of other “concerned citizens” to spew their uninformed, irrational, "caring" shit to the world media, giving aid and comfort to the enemy so that the carnage can continue, and they can continue to crawl in front of cameras for a "Cause".
...which they're actually naìve enough to believe they are NOT helping perpetuate....

This IS the war on terror – evidence of that is Iran calling for an oil embargo on ANY nation that has the audacity to support Israel – and the logic is brutally simple:
If Israel fails to clean out the trash in Gaza, how much longer will the endless killing continue and how long will all the other terrorists around the world gather encouragement from the meddling, dithering, utterly culpable "world bodies"?

“Ceasefire” is the terrorist word for “reload”.

Until the spineless politicians figure that one out, the bloodshed WILL go on.

How do those "caring" liberalite asshats sleep at night?
Ignorance really IS bliss, and none are more WILLFULLY ignorant than the “enlightened” liberalite sheep.

Real sheep (the four-footed kind) typically have enough sense NOT
to cheer for the wolf.
...the “smarter-than-everyone-else” liberalite sheep apparently don’t have enough mental horsepower to make that connection.

....but they have enough numbers to elect America's next President.
And that is not something to inspire confidence in the outcome of the next four years.

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