2008 - Coolest year of the century

News.com.au - WHILE the official figures are not yet in, 2008 is widely tipped to be declared the coolest year of the century. Whether this is a serious blow to global warming alarmists depends entirely on who you talk to.
Well, to the alarmists it won't matter, cold, hot, whatever, it's all bad, the end is nigh, it's all the fault of man, man must pay, gaia is displeased, you will all burn, recycle, walk you bastards or else!
The weather refused to co-operate, offering mixed messages from record cold temperatures across North America to heatwaves across Europe and the Middle East earlier in the year.
Oh who cares about the Middle East and Europe, they're already huffing and puffing and all hot under the collar over some bloody grievance or other anyway. An increase in the temperature ain't going to matter either way, imo. Besides, aren't them Europeans already cutting their emissions, investing in solar panels, wind and driving around in little 2 cylinder sh*tboxes already. That's working out real swell ain't it.
Even in Australia yesterday there were flurries of snow on the highest peaks of a shivering Tasmania, while the north of the country sweltered in above-average temperatures. A cool 2008 may not fit in with doomsday scenarios of some of the more extreme alarmists. But nor, meteorologists point out, does it prove the contrary, that global warming is a myth.
Ah but that's the point isn't it, the planet may be warming or cooling, the important bit is, are we the cause of it? We humans have been belching away at an increasing rate over the years with no let up and the planet has cooled! Heck, China is now the number one emitter of carbon and the number of cars has only increased in countries like India and yet we hear the planet has cooled!

So either we're responsible for the warming or we are not. You can't say that when it's warming it's us but when it's cooling that it's just the planet. And if it ain't us, which is what it looks like, then there is no point in us cutting our carbon emissions and screwing ourselves over because it will all be for nothing.

Unless, that's not really the point of all this global warming, kyoto, war-on-carbon, the-end-is-nigh, burn-to-a-crisp nonsense.

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