As if they would listen

Part of a speech delivered by Senator Joe Lieberman on the Screw-the-troops-and-America-over war funding bill on the floor of the US Senate.
What message, I ask, does this legislation announce to those people in Iraq? How will they respond when we tell them that we will no longer make any effort to protect them against insurgents and death squads? How will they respond when we declare that we will be withdrawing our forces—regardless of whether they make progress in the next six months towards political reconciliation? Where will their hopes for a better life be when we withdraw the troops that are the necessary precondition for the security and stability they yearn for?

Do my friends really believe that this is the way to convince Iraqis, and the world, of the goodness of America and Americans? Does anyone in this chamber really believe that, by announcing a date certain for withdrawal, we will empower Iraqi moderates, or enable Iraq’s reconstruction, or open more schools for their children, or more hospitals for their families, or freedom for everyone?

Mr. President, with all due respect, this is fantasy.
Read the whole speech at Sweetness & Light, it's a bit long, but well worth the time. Judging from his speech, Lieberman is a good man and he wants America to win. No wonder he got pushed out of the Democratic party, that bunch of treacherous curs don't take kindly to such folks.

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