Anzac Day

"Thousands remember their heroes
PRIME Minister John Howard flew from Brisbane to Canberra this morning, joining thousands of people around the country for the traditional dawn service start to Anzac Day commemorations."
"# 6:00am Thousands brave rain in Martin Place"
"# 5:57am Crowds arrive for Victorian service"

New Zealand: Prime Minister Helen Clark can't be bothered getting out of bed.

I was at the dawn service today in this little country town and the turn-out was far greater than I expected, despite 2degrees and a freezing mist. Ordinary people, saying a heartfelt "thank you" to all those young men of so long ago.
Anzac Day is all but over, so this writer went and had a look at some lefty blogs.
They're full of slimy moral equivalence, of thinly-veiled contempt and derision for the occasion.
Oh sure, they make the obligatory noises about the "horrors of war" and who can deny such horrors--certainly not those who suffered them.
But not a word, not one word! about the freedoms we enjoy, thanks to these young men. Nothing.
The young Chinese man facing down the tanks in Tianenmen Square, the Soviet dissidents of the gulags, the prisoners of totalitarian regimes all over the world are the victims of these people. Make no mistake, these pieces of filth are the mouthpieces and the apologists for such regimes.
And they're among us, vandalising memorials, protesting during the dawn services, denigrating and belittling the impulse that makes ordinary people remember sacrifice and valour.
You lefties must be so proud of yourselves on this day.

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