Soft-spined State Government

Every now and then our state government will issue the usual proclamations about how safe we are and how they are so tough and the police have all the powers and families and all that. Usually when leftists tell you they’re looking out for your family, that’s code for, you’re going to get screwed.
A serial sex offender deemed likely to reoffend today walked free from a Sydney jail, with the NSW government refusing to concede it moved too late to try to keep him inside. Kenneth Davidson Tillman has a 30-year history of worsening sex offences, and has consistently refused to attend intensive treatment for sex offenders while in custody.

Three psychologists and a Supreme Court judge have all said they believe the 45-year-old is at high risk of reoffending. Tillman, who will be tracked using an electronic anklet, shielded his face from photographers as he was driven to freedom.
This fellow just finished serving a 10 year sentence for raping a 9 year old girl and no one will put their name to a document saying this piece of crap will not re-offend. He, himself will not make any effort to rehabilitate himself, not that I believe these fellows can be rehabilitated. So what does the NSW government do to look out for families, they sit on their bums for 6 months and just 7 days ago decide to try and keep this fellow behind bars.

So now, he is among us, we have no idea what he looks like or where he is living, just assurances that the already under-resourced police will watch him and protect us.

Just because our state government has gone to sleep rather than make lives of criminals painful and difficult doesn’t mean the citizens have also rolled over, here are two citizens with a bit of fire in the belly.
The victim of a violent carjacking last night says she knew something was wrong only a few blocks from her house, when she noticed she was being followed by a small white car. She says she is "alert to her surroundings'' because of her one-year-old $200,000 Porsche 911 Coupe.

"He grabbed hold of me and asked for the keys. I struggled and we basically tussled and he slammed me against the wall. "I fell on my knees and he yanked the keys out of my hand and tossed them to his friend."

She says she then bit him. "I was stupid," she said. "He could have hit me with the torch."
That 911 is a fine piece of automotive machinery and this woman sure is brave and has her wits about her, she did a lot of the right things when she initially got suspicious. Unfortunately she got caught after she drove into her remote controlled garage. Many people who have those don’t understand that just being inside your car doesn’t mean you’re safe, if a garage is accessible from outside, it’s like walking into a cage.
A security guard has shot at two men who confronted him as he was leaving a business premises in Sydney's south tonight. One of the men pointed a gun at the security guard, who then drew his own weapon and fired several shots, police said. The men fled the scene unharmed.
Good to see our fellow citizens are brave enough to put up a fight when the crims come knocking, it might just deter the scum the next time they feel like helping themselves to others property.

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