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Remember that IR rock concert, protest again the Industrial Relations laws that the Howard Junta has rammed down our throats. For the benefit of our international readers, the John Howard led government in Australia introduced these new Industrial Relations laws to increase jobs and cut the unemployment rate in Australia. According to the current opposition, a loose alliance of commies, unionists, leftists, socialists, greenies and mad greenies (don’t ask me to explain the difference), these laws are bad. Yes, two hundred thousand plus jobs created since these laws and the lowest unemployment rate in thirty years are bad for us. Back to that much anticipated concert which took place today.
About 10,000 people attended the Rockin' for Rights concert, which blended popular local music with one of Australia's most contentious political issues at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). Eager fans spilled out onto the turf to hear artists such as Missy Higgins, You Am I, Youth Group, The Whitlams and Something for Kate, who all gave up their usual appearance fees to play at the concert.

"We reckon workers deserve a fair go, what do you reckon?" singer-songwriter Missy Higgins asked the cheering crowd. "If the Government has got nothing to hide, then show us the proof."

Unions NSW secretary John Robertson said the numbers proved Australians, as well as popular musicians, were not fans of the Government's changes to industrial relations laws.
I actually expected a few hundred thousand to turn up, even a million since the Unions keep telling us we’re all going to be tossed out onto the scrap heap. And to make matters worse I think the ten thousand that turned up are more interested in the music and at five dollars for entry why not indulge in a bit of carping on the side about Howard, that’s free. You see if it wasn’t for the music, the unions couldn’t even rally a thousand, see earlier in the day.
A CROWD of several hundred people have gathered at Sydney's Hyde Park to protest against the Federal Government's industrial relations laws. Union members made up a heavy contingent of the crowd, many of which carried protest signs, flags and balloons.

Union NSW secretary John Robertson said the protest would send a clear message to Canberra.
While you’re sending “not happy John” messages to Canberra, can you also ‘CC’ Kevin Rudd, the opposition leader and your best hope, because he’s not exactly planning to tear up the IR laws either. Just don’t mention anything about dawn services though, he’ll go off his rocker.

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