Curs I tell you

Bunch of two-faced lying curs they are. Liberals in America and elsewhere, when accused of being the weak, cowardly, anti-western, flea-ridden curs they are, are quick to point out that they think the war in Afghanistan is a ‘Just’ war. They will smear the Bush administration for being in Iraq when they should be solely hunting for Osama in Afghanistan. But those of us who know these curs for their true nature know that the liberals would be whining for a withdrawal and surrender in Afghanistan just as soon as we leave Iraq.
As MPs defeated a Liberal motion to halt Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan in February, 2009, the head of the European Commission in that war-torn country appealed to Canadians to stay the course.

The motion, which called upon the government to notify NATO allies immediately that Canada's combat operations in southern Afghanistan will conclude in February, 2009, was defeated 150-134 later in the day by Conservative and New Democratic Party MPs. The Liberals were supported by the Bloc Quebecois.
Well, there you go; you see the leftists in Canada are already pushing for a surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan, supposedly the ‘Just’ war and the war they will fight. Their fellow curs in America won’t do this at the moment, more damage can be done by screwing over the troops in Iraq and definitely not while they are in the spotlight, there is that whole 08 thing to think about.

You watch America, these curs will sell you out in Iraq, they’ll redeploy to Afghanistan, hang around there looking for exit-strategies and pretty soon they’ll sell you out to the enemy there as well. Like the scorpion, it’s in their nature.

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