Yes sir, no sir, I’m your man

There was Kevin Rudd telling us he wasn’t a Union stooge, he was going to stick it to the Greens and the Unions, Bob Brown has rocks in his head, proclaimed Rudd boldly. He offered us balance with his work choices lite, Howard has gone too far, out of touch and black and white and all that, he crowed. When I heard a bit of his speech on Friday, I thought he was getting a bit nasty with his attacks on the PM, just as well since he seemed lite on policy and this is what he really thinks.
Kevin Rudd has strongly sided with the unions by announcing he will re-instate penalty rates and workplace entitlements if he defeats John Howard. Mr Rudd won unanimous support for his policy at yesterday's ALP national conference after he announced he would support additional parental leave and reinstate penalty rates for working public holidays.

He would also scrap workplace agreements and legislate for the return of collective bargaining. In a clear signal of a return to union power, his government would also offer every new employee information about their union and a form to join.

The major difference with the Howard government is the guaranteed minimum of 12 months' unpaid leave for each parent of a new baby, with the right to ask for an extra 12 months for one parent.

The employer can refuse the request on reasonable business grounds. Parents would have the legal right to demand flexible working hours in the first five years of their children's lives.
So much for work choices lite, so much for balance and the country prospering, so much for Rudd being his own man and the dream team BS, so much for sticking it to the Unions, since they didn’t even utter a whine or a whinge; it’s pretty obvious this is only the beginning. I wonder if the Business Council might consider fighting back against the Unions scare campaign now, if they thought Rudd won’t be too bad, guess again.

On the plus side, it looks like the Greens have been well and truly rogered, what a sight for sore eyes to see Bob Brown whinging on TV about Uranium mines and how India is going to blow us all to smithereens with our own Uranium. I wonder if he might then be open to the idea of us going nuclear as well, since the big boys already have them, or should we just remain with the current “grab ankles” set up.

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