That’ll show them

A MOTHER who forced her two toddlers to attack each other with weapons and filmed the fight was spared jail by a British court yesterday. Zara Care, with her sisters Serenza and Danielle Olver and her mother Carole Olver forced the two toddlers to punch each other in the face. During the fight, both children were at different times reduced to tears and were shouted at to carry on, the court heard.

The four women also goaded the two-year-old boy and three-year-old girl to hit each other with a magazine and a hairbrush and when one did not fight they called him a "wimp" and a "faggot".

Passing sentence, Judge Francis Gilbert said he found the film "shocking to watch". "You laughed at them, you mocked them, you swore at them," he said. "You compelled them to hit each other even though they clearly did not want to. "You were cruel, callous, clearly causing the children to hurt each other for your own pleasure."

Oh put a sock in it judge, no point banging on about shocking, cruel and all that if you’re not prepared to stick the boot into their bums like they deserve.

Incidentally were there any leftist groups protesting outside the courts about the use of the “faggot” slur? I remember many calling for the public execution of Ann Coulter when she dared to utter the word “faggot”. Ok I exaggerate, they didn't call for her execution, but if she was executed, I'm sure leftists wouldn't have intervened like they would in the case of a murdering pedophile or serial killer.

Still I would have thought some leftist would have issued an official whine about it, oh I forgot we’re talking about punishment and child abusers here, sorry homosexuals, you guys will just have to take one for the team!!

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