Hero Laid To Rest

Yesterday Canada laid to rest one of its own, another victim in the war on terror. Although he was in the middle of one of the world's most dangerous spots he was not a soldier - he was a diplomat. And we was doing something he truly believed in.

Glyn Berry, 59 years of age, died Jan 15 when the armoured military convoy he traveled with fell prey to a suicide bomber. Three Canadian soldiers were also wounded, 2 of them critically.

Born in England, Berry had served with Canada's Foreign Affairs since 1977. He left the comfort of his New York office, the site of his then current assignment, to volunteer for duty in war-torn Afghanistan. He thought he could make a difference and to the people he came into contact with over there I'm sure he did. He had a burning desire to help and wasn't about to let danger stop him. From all I've been able to read about him this was the kind of man he was.

People who knew him described him as being a "wonderful storyteller" with an "infectious laugh". He made it a point to try to protect citizens when their own governments abandoned them.

At the time of his death Berry was serving as political director of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar. He was laid to rest with full military honours in his native England.

Thank you for your service.

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