Racist police chief

The world's most politically-correct police chief has done it again: Sir Ian Blair wondered out loud why the murder of two little girls by a sex-maniac and his girlfriend became such big news in Britain. Could it be that the sex-murder of two little girls was intrinsically newsworthy or that it took a lot of public assistance before the culprits were tracked down? Could it be the horror of a woman assisting with the crime? No way! It was "racism" according to Blair. So the victims were black? No. They were white. It was the fact that they were white that made it big news, according to Blair. If they were black, people would have ignored it, apparently. So the murder of whites is unusual and blacks get murdered all the time? No. There are nearly five times as many whites as blacks murdered in Britain every year.

In other words, Blair is looking for racism under every bed. He sees it everywhere and uses it to explain things that are more obviously explained in other ways. Just on the law of averages alone, it would have been more likely that the most publicly noted kiling would be of a white, because there are so many more whites killed. And in any case, it is not true that only the killing of whites gets a lot of publicity. The killing of Victoria Climbie by her relatives also got a lot of publicity and that little girl was black. Clearly, it is the police chief himself who is race-obsessed, not ordinary Britons. More details here

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