Iranian Blogger Still In Jail

Mojtaba Saminejad is an Iranian blogger. Mojtaba Saminejad is in an Iranian prison for blogging. Incarcerated since February 2005 the 25-year-old university student was arrested for what authorities called "insulting the Supreme Guide". What was his crime? This is an excerpt from his blog,
Mojtaba SamieNejad, 25 year old blogger and student, was first arrested on November 1, 2004 for reporting the arrests of three other bloggers. He was held in custody for almost three months. Following his temporary release on January 27, 2005, he started a new blog to reflect his thoughts and beliefs. This resulted in a second unlawful arrest which has lasted to this day.

Mojtaba is kept in Ghezel Hesar prison amongst inmates convicted of murder and other serious offences. Mojtaba was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on June 2, 2005. This sentence was issued by Judge Saadat of Revolutionary Court 13.

It is ours' and all human rights activists' duty to take a stand against the injustice of imprisonment for voicing one's opinion. We ask all bloggers, human rights organizations and free people of the world to help Mojtaba by voicing their objection to his sentencing and demand his immediate and unconditional release.
At least they are allowing him to continue with his studies although he attends school wearing handcuffs.

There isn't much we here in the west can do about this travesty other than try to publicize it as much as possible. Things like this sure makes a person think. Perhaps we take our freedoms and privileges for granted at times, particularly those of us with political blogs. It's only human nature. We sit here day after day typing away at the keyboard putting up new content nary giving it a second thought. But news like this sure shakes you back to reality.

You can view his blog here. More from Reporters Without Borders here.

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