Things I will never do

I will never recognise a state whose people elect a terrorist group to represent them. There is no Palestine.

On a side note, does this mean - officially - that leftists have to stop saying that in Islam, terrorists and their supporters are a "small minority of extremists"?

Because this outcome would kinda prove that I've been right all along.

Update: You know, the more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that this is actually a good turn of events.

The longer Islamic terrorists stayed away from politics, the longer western liberals could claim that they are not representative of the populations who shelter and support them.

If, through elections, they form governments, we will be able to wage war against the nations themselves. We will be able to crush Islamism the way we crushed Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

No more worrying about the caution we had to employ in fighting opponents engaging us in assymetrical warfare. The civilian populace has given Hamas a mandate. If Hamas now proceeds to attack, we can legitimately crush them both. I know that sounds harsh, but it's just the reality of history. Vicious ideologies are not some kind of disembodied entity, which people can disavow when it suits them.

We held the populations of Germany and Japan to account for the deeds of their governments, we must do the same for the Middle East, if this war is to be won, and won decisively.

More immediately, I am curious to know what the reaction of Israel will be. I think it will be an excellent indicator as to how this senario will play out. Either way, surely both parties will now have to recognise that pulling out of Gaza and dismantling the settlements was a terrible, terrible mistake. The Palestinian ability to wage war has only be greatly enhanced by Israel's efforts toward peace. They can now co-ordinate far better and they control the border with Egypt, through which they can secure direct logistical support, both in terms of supply and reinforcement.

Never, never appease aggression. It only encourages and emboldens the aggressor. The fall of Gaza was, to the great unwashed Palestinian masses, not an indication of Israel's benevolence, but of Hamas' strength.

It was proof positive that terrorism works. Will they renounce it now? Hell no.

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