Leftism is now badly betraying Jews

The long-entrenched Leftist loyalties of most Jews are badly letting them down now that the Left and the Islamic extremists are cosying up to one-another. Both the Left and the Islamofascists hate America so their alliance is understandable. And the Jew-hatred of the Islamists is increasingly being emulated as "anti-Zionism" among Leftists. But where does that leave mainstream Left-leaning Jews? In denial. They are completely tongue-tied on the matter. As we read:

"Amid pledges from Iran to "wipe Israel off the map" and to hold a conference examining whether the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews is a "myth," America's Holocaust Museum is under fire for its silence about Arab assistance to the Nazis during World War II, and about the intensifying hatred of Jews in the Arab Middle East today. Leading the charge is Holocaust Museum Watch, a national organization formed 18 months ago to spur the museum toward meaningful acknowledgment of Arab anti-Semitism....

But while calls for destroying the Jewish state have been the mainstay of the Arab Middle East for decades, critics say, the Holocaust Museum has not issued any "institutional scream," or even included exhibits or materials about Arab anti-Semitism in the museum's facilities. It has also declined repeated requests to hold conferences or events addressing the issue...

"It's unbelievable," the rabbi of the National Synagogue, Shmuel Herzfeld, told the Sun yesterday. "They won't talk about Egypt, about Syria, about Saudi Arabia - it's like the big elephant in the room."


A lot of German Jews in the 1930s just sat tight and hoped for the best while Hitler rose to power too. When will these kneejerk Leftists ever learn that denial just allows the problem to get worse? But Leftists always have been good at denying reality. They have to be. Reality is so uncomfortable for them. Tyler Cowen explains how painful it is for people to switch sides politically (it means you have admit to being wrong) but when being wrong leads to megadeaths (as it did under Hitler and as it will if Iran gets nukes and attacks Israel) it is gross indeed to persist in your folly. Being modern-day Neville Chamberlains is not clever.

Yes. I DO know that those Jews who DID try to escape Hitler did not have an easy time of it. The failure of the rest of the world to accept Jewish refugees at that time does to a degree make the whole world complicit with the Holocaust. That any modern-day Jews are complicit with the threatened holocaust on Israel staggers me, however.

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