PM Dudd pulls another rabbit out of his ass

The Australian - It emerged yesterday that the plan unveiled by Mr Rudd on Wednesday for the creation by 2020 of an Asia-Pacific community was hatched at the last minute, triggering hasty drafting work in Canberra and a flurry of diplomacy in key Asian capitals in recent days. Former foreign affairs department head Richard Woolcott, appointed by Mr Rudd as his special envoy on the initiative, found out about his new position only five hours before the Prime Minister's announcement.

Mr Rudd was keen to proclaim a new initiative as the centrepiece of the Government's declared policy of "comprehensive engagement" with Asia in advance of his trip to Japan and Indonesia this weekend. But Asian governments gave only cautious endorsement to the idea of a new organisation dealing with economic, political and security matters. It would include the US, Japan, China, India, Indonesia and Australia, as well as other countries in the region. As well as advancing a regional free trade area, Mr Rudd presented the body yesterday as a fundamental step towards averting future conflict.
This really is an attempt by PM Dudd to deflect attention away from his screw ups on the solar panel rebates, private health insurance rebate cockup, overworking public servants to make his stupid policies work, his fuelwatch idea torn to pieces, him giving up on the price of groceries and fuel and his incompetence on interest rates. He signed Kyoto and said sorry to much fanfare but those are old news now, it's time to get down to the business of actually running the place. Which PM Dudd has found out is not really the same as looking like he's running the place.

Speaking of Kyoto and this half-baked Asia-Pacific Union, why did we sign Kyoto again, ah yes even though we can go back to the stone age and it wouldn't make any difference to the climate, it's so that we can set an example for China and India to follow. Well have they signed Kyoto then, if not, why not and when will they sign it? If they refuse to sign it anyway and tell us to screw ourselves, will PM Dudd tear up Kyoto and walk away? Can PM Dudd answer that before running away overseas to hide from us until the heat's died down?

It's been a few months since PM Dudd was elected on promises to take us forward to Utopia, we see a flurry of activity, burning the midnight oil, hit the ground running, hard at work and all that but all we get is half-baked rabbits and headline grabbing stunts. Many of us saw him for the bullshitter he is prior to the election, but enough of us didn't, so it'll be interesting to see how many more rabbits he can pull out of his ass before the public start reaching for the rotting fruit and their shoes. Judging by the number of people already queueing up tear this idea to pieces, it can't be long.

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