Undiscovered Species May Already Be Extinct

By AR - Moonbat environmental scientists are concerned that Gobal Warmenation may have caused species the extinction of species that we have not yet discovered.
ENTIRE species may have already been wiped off the face of the Earth because of climate change, scientists believe.
Australian marine biologist Elvira Poloczanska said climate change could have already killed entire populations. “I think it’s possible … we haven’t even discovered all the animals in the ocean,” Dr Poloczanska said.
University of Queensland marine scientist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg said it would not be long until new species of animals would be discovered - after they have been wiped out.
Oh my God, the tragedy! Do we know what the problem is here? Yep:
caused by minimal funding from governments
criticised the lack of funding oceanic research
more money from governments
the cost of marine research was very high
difficult for politicians to decide whether research ... was worthwhile
Not able to identify a single species out of all the species we are aware of that has been wiped out by GW, the alarmists say we now must fear for, ah... sorry, pay for sea creatures which may or may not already exist... or be extinct... or neither.

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