N.Z...life in the socialist paradise:

"Silence let child abuse continue
Three children repeatedly beaten with a broom handle were so hungry they had to rummage in rubbish bins, and yet neighbours were too scared to report the cruelty they witnessed.

Kylie Tekani, 30, of Porirua, has been sentenced in Wellington District Court to eight months' home detention after pleading guilty to three charges of cruelty to a child and assault with a weapon.
Neighbours in Penguin Grove saw the children searching through rubbish bins and asking for food. Locked outside, the children would huddle under a tree, sometimes till dark.

Though people would slip food to them as they passed on their way to school, they were too scared to report the cruelty, partly because of the intimidating presence of patched Mongrel Mob members who lived in the street. "We know it is best to keep out of other people's business," a resident said.
Another, gesturing toward the gang house, said it was wiser not to get involved. Others were too fearful to speak to The Dominion Post."

The owner of a liquor store is murdered by young Polynesian thugs--and the Prime Minister suggests the fault lies with having too many liquor stores.
Maoris are beating babies and children to death in considerable numbers--and this government passes a law against smacking.
Maori separatists are caught with illegal arms and the police force apologises for any cultural gaffes they may have made during the operation--and nobody faces court.
Draw your own conclusions.

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