Democracy, hah! Dream on peasants!

Daily Mail - Gordon Brown signed away swathes of British sovereignty last night after he refused to back attempts to kill off the European constitution. He forced through the Lisbon Treaty despite a last-ditch attempt by Tory peers to delay its ratification until October. They were out-voted in the Lords by Labour and Liberal Democrats. [snip]

Britain is the 19th EU country to ratify the treaty without a referendum. If it comes into force with ratification by all 27 states, it will eliminate the British veto in up to 61 areas of policy and will reduce British voting power in the EU by a third. Mr Brown's determination to press ahead appeared to fly in the face of a growing popular revolt breaking out against the treaty in the EU.

MK - In other words folks, Gordon just gave all of you the big EFF YOU. Wait for the next election and when that rolls around, get ready to walk into those voting booths and drag these sacks of arrogant excrement out.

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