Women's rights - Leftist style

News.com.au - Fresh from a giant-slaying win over rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic White House nominating race, Senator Obama joked he could put his house up for rent, to make a financial killing if Chicago wins the 2016 Summer Games. "I have to let you know in 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president," Senator Obama said in a surprise appearance at a rally celebrating Chicago's selection as a finalist for the Summer Games.
B. Hussein is such an arrogant ass, I'm not sure which rules him the most, his strong sense of entitlement or his arrogance. I'm sure in private B. Hussein and his America-loathing wife think that this coming election is just unnecessary, because they are entitled to it. Besides, the press has already decided that America must elect B. Hussein as penance for America's racism and to punish Bush for liberating Iraq and Afghanistan. That old fool McCain should be kicked to the side and B. Hussein should be carried into the White House to rule for ever and ever. If you must have the election, then have it, the American people are free to choose, to choose B. Hussein that is, not anyone else. The message to the American people is, you are lucky B. Hussein wants to be your president.

Coming back to the women's rights, earlier in the week I heard that Hillary was meeting with B. Hussein, there was talk that she would join him and run for vice president. In all honesty, if I was her, I wouldn't waste my time, I'd tell the left to get stuffed. Put Hillary and her screwing over to one side, look at abortion, something that's very close to every lefties heart. Incidentally partial-birth abortion is supported by B. Hussein. Abortion is framed as a woman's right and anything short of taxpayer funded abortion on demand is a sign of tyranny and Nazi-esque accusations aren't far away for most lefties. The reality of abortion is that for people in places like India and China, a “woman’s right to choose” turns out to mean the right to choose not to have any women, Mark Steyn.

What makes you think that the same thing is not happening here in the western world, thanks to multiculturalism. You're not saying that pro-boy eastern cultures are backward or less equal are you, well are you, you racist xenophobes! See where I'm going with this. But you try suggesting to lefties that abortion is a bad thing since it's killing more female babies and they're banging on about women's rights, maybe we should stop or hinder it. Coming back to Hillary, she did her time as a socialist, by lefties standards she's entitled to lead the Democrats at the next election. B. Hussein is black and a leftist, that apparently entitles him to a free pass from the media and unquestioning adoration from the left. Head over to Europe to see what they think of B. Hussein.
IHT - Obamania has gripped most of Europe. But the enthusiasm is particularly striking in France. [snip] From the philosopher Bernard Henri-Lévy to disenfranchised teenagers in volatile suburbs, Barack Obama - the 46-year-old Democratic senator from Illinois who is about to become the first black presidential nominee of a major U.S. party - has struck a nerve. [snip] "For ethnic minorities he embodies the equality of opportunity they crave." [snip] European enthusiasts have elevated the senator to a role he will find hard to fulfill - "a savior of mankind, a sort of political Messiah of the early 21st century."
A political messiah, these people are nuts, I mean what the hell is B. Hussein going to do for them. They're also drunk on bullshit change and hope I think. Hillary is a woman and a leftist, but she first gets screwed over by her husband and now gets the royal screwjob over the party leadership. Does she get any of this fawning or adoration from the Eurabian left or an easy time from the leftie media, No. It's unbelievable, she's actually treated like a Republican by the media. If B. Hussein weren't running, it would have been smooth sailing for Hillary, and there lies the truth, the left chose a terrorist-endorsed 'man' over a woman. Like the picture above. To add insult to injury, they suggest that she then run as his sidekick. So Hillary, consider yourself blessed that you can tag along with B. Hussein, now be a dear and make some coffee will ya. Tell em' to get stuffed Hillary. Image thanks to Flickr.

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