The fruits of cowardice and multiculturalism:

by Baron Bodissey

"Fjordman has written numerous articles about the immigrant rape wave in Sweden. See the bottom of this post for links to his posts on the topic.

He has emphasized repeatedly that the authorities in Sweden are in denial about the nature of the rape epidemic, and that they attempt to explain it away without ever mentioning the number of rapes committed by Third World immigrants, especially Muslims.

The latest batch of statistics from Sweden confirms the pattern: the incidence of rape has increased dramatically in the last decade. Sweden, a historically peaceful country with a low rate of violent crime, is undergoing an unprecedented epidemic of rapes.

Since the government doesn’t keep statistics on the ethnicity of perps and victims, no one really knows the significance of immigration as it applies to the current crime wave. But anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that most of the perpetrators are young Muslim immigrants, often gang members, and the victims are “persons of Swedish background”. Read some of Fjordman’s articles for the details that point to this conclusion.

The latest report is notable for what it doesn’t say. The immigrant elephant is in the room, but the Swedish government and media are unwilling to acknowledge it: "
Gates Of Vienna

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