Separation of 'state' and Church

Daily Mail - A Roman Catholic adoption agency headed by Britain's most senior Catholic churchman is to defy the Government over its controversial gay equality laws. The Westminster Catholic Children's Society, whose president is Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, will ignore new rules that require it to place children with same-sex couples. [snip] Its stance will set the Cardinal - who welcomed Tony Blair into the Catholic Church last December - on a collision course with New Labour and the gay rights lobby. [snip]

'We simply want to continue to do what we have been doing for many years reasonably successfully. Adoption is a very important part of the Church's work with children who are extremely vulnerable.' He said the crisis need not have happened if the Government had given an exemption to adoption agencies, as other EU countries had done. 'Other countries don't see adoption as goods and services and therefore it doesn't fall under their regulations,' he said. 'This is a problem of the Government's making which has been foisted on us.'
The rights of the homosexual super citizens trumps all folks. Actually, correction, their rights are less equal to only the violent, intolerant Muslim jihadist. According to the article, other adoption agencies are either caving in to the legislation or just closing down, which is not a good thing for the children involved. So let's have a look at who, of the three groups, actually gives a damn about the children because that's what adoption is about, giving children a mother and father, otherwise known as a family. We already know that the Church does, why else would they be fighting to stay open.

The government, nope, sorry, no exemption for the adoption agencies like in other countries, eff off, couldn't give a pig's bum about the children, they are goods and services, you will place children with homosexual couples, you will fill the quotas, you will accept them, you will choke down your beliefs or close down. Diversity, all beliefs, what a joke, now that we're done separating Church from the state and kicking the tripe out of them, it's on to the next phase, get the state meddling in the Church. Don't they already do that in totalitarian China, 'approved' churches anyone.

What about the homosexual lobby, nope, sorry, look elsewhere urchins, welcome to the new world, it's all about rights now, just that the rights of the super citizens are more equal. We don't care if some agencies close, tough shit, our rights are more important than consequences for you. What's all this nonsense about mother and father, two fathers, three, four, who cares, it's all good, our rights, you will accept us. We don't care about your beliefs, call someone who gives a rat's ass but you will choke down our beliefs. Hurray for tolerance and acceptance, now shut it and get in line.

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