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By AR - What do ABC's execrable Four Corners, a human rights advocate, and the lover of two of Janine Balding's murderers have in common? Well, they're all championing the cause of Phuong Ngo, the killer of Cabramatta MP, John Newman.
A spokeswoman confirmed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court James Spigelman yesterday ordered an inquiry into the conviction of Phuong Canh Ngo. The inquiry will be conducted by former District Court Judge David Patten. The announcement follows a recent program by the ABC Four Corners casting doubt on Ngo's conviction. ... Human rights advocate Marion Le has been working towards a review of the Ngo case, which she said comes at a crucial time in legal history where the apparent invincibility of the NSW Crime Commission has been called in question.

"There are huge issues which go beyond Phuong Ngo, which go to the very heart of justice," she said. .... Another long time supporter of Ngo, former NSW Upper House MP, Peter Breen, who is now his lawyer, said the case had also raised concerns over the consistency of verdicts, given the acquittal of Dao and Dinh.
Peter Breen. Remember him?
The rape and murder of Janine Balding by a group of men in 1988 is generally considered one of the most brutal acts in Australian criminal history. But a New South Wales MP has caused a storm of outrage because of his sympathy - not for the 20-year old nurse who was murdered - but for the men who killed her.

State upper house member Peter Breen was forced to resign from the Labor Party today because of statements he made about the killers in a book. Mr Breen declares in the book that he 'loves' two of the men serving jail sentences for Janine Balding's rape and murder.
What is it about evil criminals that attracts such followers?

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