Kevin07 Minister Invokes Primitive Superstition

By AR - One of Kevin07's finest slammed the "traditional" beliefs of superstitious Kenyans that lead to the death of 12 innocent women. Julia Irwin said,
"Last month in Kenya, 12 women were burned to death as witches."
Oh no, hang on. She was just using the horrible deaths of these women to support fellow Kevin07 superstar, Belinda Neal.
"But it appears good old-fashioned witch-hunts are not restricted to deepest, darkest Africa. "For the past two weeks in Australia we have witnessed a media frenzy that can only be described as a witch-hunt."
I get it. Women being burned to death by superstitious lunatics in "darkest Africa" is exactly what is happening to Belinda Neal. But wait, there are some similarities:
The mob had won some local support because the victims were accused of making a list of people in the village they were bewitching and then ticking off their names as they died.
That was in reference to the Kenyan women. Belinda Neal keeps her enemies on ice:
Ms Neal is a woman who, senior Labor sources say, keeps photographs and written names of her political enemies in her freezer.
It is apparent the Kevin07 team is stunned by a media that is no longer servile and compliant and breathlessly reporting their meaningless utterances are revelations.
"But what is worse is that so-called quality news outlets have been lighting their own torches to join in the witch-hunt," she said.
Ouch. It must cut deep when the Age and SMH join in the fun.

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