Some would call this 'progress'

Daily Mail - An event dubbed the UK's first divorce fair is to be staged to help parting couples break-up as painlessly as possible, its organiser said today. Solicitors, financial experts, mortgage advisers and health professionals will exhibit at the one-day event at Brighton Racecourse in Brighton, East Sussex, on October 11. The fair, called the Starting Over Show, has attracted 20 potential exhibitors with the aim of gaining 90 and follows on from other divorce fairs held in Europe. [snip]
Yay for Eurabia, they're always angling to be first heading down the crapper. Well, at least some of them.
Event producer Suzy Miller said the fair may help people struggling with the credit crunch, who may to be too frightened to split because of financial fears. [snip]
Good grief, that's unbelievable, in this day and age, how can the government let this outrage continue, financial fears getting in the way of marriages breaking apart. The state must do something to tear families apart, no wait, the state is doing its bit to help - Three out of four ordinary families would be better off living apart than sharing a home under Labour's benefits system. Would it shock you to know that Labour is a leftist party?
'From the people I have spoken to, they have said, "God I wish something like this was around when I broke up."
Last I checked, since everyone's so keen on invoking his name, the good Lord would wish that you didn't get a divorce, I think he'd rather you thought things through before you got married, so that you know, you actually stay married. Funny thing about those vows that everyone takes so excitedly at the time, I believe he takes them seriously.
'There is a sense that there are a lot of people who have got to the other side but without the right support and advice, people can end up bitter and unhappy. 'Going through a break-up can be an extremely lonely time so we are placing a lot of emphasis on mind, body and soul to help people get through it.
Ah yes, mind, body and soul, those are the essential ingredients if you want any new-age shindig to get off the ground. I'm just a bit confused about this soul business though, body is your temple, to abuse and abuse, I get that. Mind, that's the thing that needs a lot of help from the state, social workers, welfare, self-esteem, rights, no responsibilities and all that. Soul, well that sort of implies life after death, which then implies heaven and hell, which I thought only those foolish Christians believed in.
'There will be a core of legal and financial professionals but there will also be live music, a chill-out room and a creche. And there will be an emphasis on well-being.' [snip] A spokesman for relationship counselling organisation Relate said: 'The more help and advice for people going through the divorce the better.'
Ah yes, the experts of mind and body, lawyers and accountants. Oh goody a creche, phew, wouldn't want the little ones getting in the way of a quick and easy divorce would you, who cares about them right. Just on that relationship counseling fellow, I don't know about you folks but I thought that relationship counseling was about you know, getting you through the relationship, as in staying together. Perhaps I'm too stupid to know that a quick and easy divorce from your wife leads to a much healthier relationship with your 'partner'.

With falling birth rates, a loss of cultural confidence and an uncertain future, you'd think that people would be organizing fairs and bake sales to promote marriage, strengthen relationships, children and family. Perhaps they know something we don't and we'll survive by not having many children, by staying single and making divorce as quick and easy as possible.

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