Soldier reacts to Leftist hate speech at a Boston university

We read:
"A local Army Reservist serving in Afghanistan resigned this week from his post as an adjunct professor at Suffolk University after a colleague at Suffolk sent an e-mail calling it "shameful" for students at the college to send care packages to soldiers who "have gone overseas to kill other human beings."

Maj. Robert Roughsedge wrote in his resignation letter that he considers comments made in an e-mail by Suffolk law professor Michael Avery to be "hate speech."

Roughsedge's letter was sent from his military post in Kabul, Afghanistan, to Camille Nelson, dean of the Suffolk Law School.

"I have a moral obligation to exercise my First Amendment right of freedom of association and choose not to associate with Suffolk University Law School anymore," Roughsedge wrote. "This is a sad moment for me, because I know that the students do not agree with Professor Avery, and I truly enjoy teaching. However, I must go, else I am tarnished by the association."

Roughsedge has taught a course called Terrorism and the Law at Suffolk.

Last year, Roughsedge was called up for a year of service in Afghanistan, where he is providing training to the Afghan army.

Suffolk University has also distanced itself from its employee's hate speech.

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  1. Those of us who "run TOWARD the sound of the guns" dislike spending any more time than necessary with those who not only stab us in the back, but also undeservedly benefit from the comfort and security we provide.

    Boston is thoroughly infested with leftists, so the real tragedy is the loss to the students at that sorry-assed excuse of a college.

    ...and that ass-sucking "professor" who wrote that cowardly shit about care packages would benefit greatly from trading places with the Major for a couple months.


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