Leftist Head of Australian Press Council Struggles With Metaphor

As a sop to the Greens who keep them in power, the Australian Federal government has convened a craven inquiry into the media. Everyone knows this is nothing more than a chance for extreme leftists of all stripes to have a free whack at Rupert Murdoch's News organisation. News is one of the few media outlets in this country which hold leftists to account for their policies. The fact that conservatives are also scrutinised is lost on the screeching Left as they must never be criticised.

Appearing before this inquiry is Julian Disney, head of the Press Council. Professor Disney (yes, an academic), complains that the ideas being published in comment streams on the Internet are a "cacophony" damaging to society and goes on to say that, "A cacophony is not freedom of speech... You can't have free speech if you can't hear what's being said."

Cacophony? Hear? The man is talking about written comments by readers on blogs and media websites. They don't make a sound, Professor. And you can always click the back button.

The head of the Press Council should be more concerned about the damage to free speech caused by inapt metaphors.


  1. It sounds like Mr Disney was just trying really hard to come up with something bad to say about ordinary, everyday people having a say, (aka democracy), and this was the best he could come up with. He was so intelligent and so "learned," and so sure of his elitist ideology, that it probably never occurred to him that someone might actually examine what he said, and expose it for it's lack of meaning.

  2. Thanks, Phil. Leftism relies on people not really paying attention to what leftists say and write. If leftists had to express themselves clearly in correct terms their arguments would crumble.


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