Orgasms all round in response to a graffito

Such graffiti have in the past been found to be the work of blacks or Leftists trying to get a reaction. And whoever put up the graffito below certainly stimulated a huge outburst of righteousness.

Just a few excerpts below from the procession of hysterical responses. It obviously made everybody involved feel wonderful
At approximately 12:30 AM on the morning of Saturday, November 12, 2011, an undergraduate student at Williams College called the Campus Safety and Security after seeing written on the wall of an upperclass dormitory in permanent black marker, "All N*****s Must Die."

On Saturday evening, a group of approximately 70 student leaders met with Williams College President Adam Falk and Dean of Students Sarah Bolton to discuss the incident as well as to form a proper response to the incident. Following the meeting, students, faculty and staff marched to the Williamstown Police Department -- headquartered on the edge of campus -- to encourage the town's investigation of the hate crime.

In response to student reactions, the administration in conjunction with the faculty steering committee decided to cancel all classes, athletic practices and other extracurricular activities on Monday to host a college-wide meeting and lunch at 11 AM on the lawn outside the Paresky Student Center. In an email to Williams alumni, President Falk stated that the cancelled day of class would, "be an important day for us to unite to begin to heal from this terrible act and reaffirm that such harmful behavior has no place at Williams -- or anywhere."

During the meeting President Falk addressed the campus community and stated that "It was a terrible moment, and a terrible thing has happened," and called it a "horrible racist attack."


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