Diet fraudster still in trouble with the wallopers

This gave me a good laugh. Foster has been selling fraudulent weight-loss products for decades. He never seems to give up. He has been to prison several times so I assumed he would have eventually seen the error of his ways -- but not so, it appears.

He seems a rather "Ned Kelly" figure to me. Australians tend to have some admiration for determined outlaws. And I can't muster up much sympathy for his victims. There is only one way to lose weight: Eat less. People who think there is a shortcut rather deserve to lose their money, it seems to me

CONMAN Peter Foster is back behind bars after being arrested on the Gold Coast.

Foster, 49, was arrested by Australian Federal Police officers and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission officials while visiting his sick mother at a private Gold Coast hospital this morning.

He is believed to have been chased through the hospital, with his mother screaming at officers.

The charges are believed to relate to embattled diet spray company SensaSlim Australia which is facing Australian Competition and Consumer Commission charges of misleading and deceptive conduct.


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