Laugh of the day: SMH claims to be independent

There's "A letter to the reader" in the SMH today which is a barely camouflaged admission. The SMH does of course publish some conservative views but its lean to the Left is unmistakeable. So now they are in effect apologizing for that! One can only hope that it is a promise to do better that will be kept. They are obviously worried that their slant has alienated half of the population and sent them off to buy Murdoch publications instead. Bias is bad business. See the apologia below

Dear Reader

In 180 years of publishing, The Sydney Morning Herald has never wavered from its core values and promise to its readers – to deliver journalistic integrity and independence.

The Herald is launching a campaign today to re-state its commitment to journalism without fear or favour, to journalism which is above political influence and to journalism which serves the community with the utmost integrity.
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The line between trusted sources of journalism and unmoderated noise has become blurred.

We appreciate that readers need information they can trust. Information that assists them make to make sense of their world.

In the first issue of the Herald, the publishers declared the publication would be so stridently independent that all sides of politics would come to view it as an opponent.

We remain committed to this ideal. We work in the public good.

The Sydney Morning Herald is neither a recipient of government funding nor a mouthpiece for a media magnate.

We do not take your trust for granted. We know we have to earn it every day.

The Herald’s commitment to journalism with integrity and independence has never been so important as it is today.

We hope you agree and we thank you for your support.

Peter Fray

Publisher and Editor-in-chief


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