Drunk at Work vs Lazy at Work

A new survey comes out and it is dutifully reported in the SMH.

Nearly one in 10 people usually use alcohol while they are at work, the first study of drug and alcohol use in Australian workplaces has found.
While his study of more than 9800 workers found nearly 9 per cent of people said they ''usually'' used alcohol at work, only 5.6 per cent said they had been ''under the influence''.

Nearly 9 per cent, is not nearly one in 10.  It is more like nearly one in 11.  Was this inaccuracy due to drinking, or perhaps laziness?  

Is News Ltd any better?  It would seem not.

  • Nine per cent of workers "usually" drink on the job
A SURVEY has found that nearly one in 10 people regularly drink at work, and believe it's not affecting their performance.
Looks like it was simply copied without anyone checking the numbers.

Makes you wonder how accurate journalists are with all the statistics they report.

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