Atheists Launch ‘Naughty, Not Nice’ Holiday Campaign to Target Discrimination Against Non-Believers‏

We read:
"Non-believers are ready to cut through the cheer this holiday season with an in-your-face ad campaign aimed at stemming discrimination against those who don’t place credence in a higher power.

The American Humanist Association’s new campaign, which was announced today, features messages that highlight the fact that some atheists and non-believers feel mistreated by the masses.

Billboards and newspaper ads proudly proclaim, “Bias Against Atheists is Naughty, Not Nice.”

While atheists and the religious go back and forth in their debate over what God’s role in society should be, many non-believers contend that they, being such a small minority, are treated poorly as a result of their lack of faith.

While Speckhardt claims that atheists are unfairly encountering “hatred” for their urge to advocate for separation of church and state, many religious adherents believe that non-believers take their opposition to religion too far.

Additionally, some contend that atheist groups misread the First Amendment to mean that they must purge public forums of all references to faith.

The newspaper ads being placed by the group capture stories about atheists who have been called names and belittled as a result of their opposition to prayer and religion in the public square.


If you don't want to be hated, don't behave hatefully, would seem the obvious lesson for atheists to draw.

What harm does it do them if other people pray? Let them practice the tolerance they preach. I am an atheist and I do.

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