Modelling agencies must not tell the truth about ethnicity

In this story from Australia, the stupid young woman should be thanking the agency for levelling with her about her chances of work in the city concerned. But instead she seems to blame them. Talk about shooting the messenger!
"An Indian-Australian model told by a national modelling agency that her work chances were "limited" because she was not Caucasian, is speaking out against the company in a bid to stop the discrimination continuing.

After living and working as a model in the United Kingdom for two years, Kema Rajandran emailed a short biography and photos to Chadwick Models in Perth on Monday, and was "truly disheartened" at the response she received a short time later.

"We think you are very photogenic and would be suitable for our Casting Division," the email from the academy coordinator read. "Please note however that as you are of non-caucasian heritage that your work opportunities in Perth would be extrremely [sic] limited."

Ms Rajandran said given the "extremely multicultural society of Australia", she was shocked at the response, and hoped that by her speaking out about it, the practice of culling models based solely on their appearance would change.

Chadwick's Perth manager Tanya Muia said she was "gob-smacked" that the agency could be labelled as racially discriminating against Ms Rajandran, and that they were simply relaying her chances of finding work in a tight Perth modelling market.


When creatives are looking for an actor to star in a commercial, they initially just leaf through a big book of photos provided by the agency. If they choose to pass over darker ladies, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. A creative decision is entirely subjective and not subject to any rules or regulations.

The agency does however after a while get an idea about which models are likely to be chosen. It's part of their job to notice that. And they were kind enough on this occasion to pass their observations on. For their own sake the agency should perhaps have shut up and let the stupid woman waste her time.

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  1. This is a news item only because a desired outcome is that Australia should become more 'multicultural', ostensibly so the the sensibilities of people like the model are not offended.

    There is a consistent theme right across the European derived world..... That theme is that all majority "White" communities become much less so. On the 'right' we have the profit oriented types demanding cheaper labor to do the work the "Whites" apparently will not, and on the 'left' the feel good greenies who want to help everyone else by destroying themselves as an act of self effacing love.

    We live in a truly sick world where the lies are pervasive, yet hear traumatised whining and hand wringing about the poor state of societies collective 'mental health', as if those who sow these mischiefs and provide the 'solutions' are in no way actively complicit.

    More often than not and consistent with the tenets of Soviet psychiatry, those who do not believe these lies as if truths are smeared as suffering issues related to 'mental health', and that in itslef is a testament to the cowardice of the MSM and those who populate it.


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