Serb must not be heard in Canada

Some Serbian female persons

Remember Serbia? The Christian Yugoslavs Bill Clinton bombed to help out the Muslim Yugoslavs? One of the chief intellectual defenders of Serbia and a great critic of Muslims is Srdja Trifkovic. So obviously he would sully Canadian purity if he were allowed to set foot in Canada. The fact that America does not seem to be harmed by his words and presence just proves how much better Canada is, you see
"A guest lecture sponsored by the Serbian Students Association (SSA) of the University of British Columbia was cancelled Thursday after Srdja Trifkovic was denied entry into Canada.

Trifkovic, known for his contentious views on Islam and the Bosnian Genocide, was set to deliver a lecture entitled, “The Balkans: Uncertain Prospects for an Unstable Region.” On Thursday, it was reported that Trifkovic spent five hours detained at Vancouver International Airport before he was sent back to the U.S.

News of the controversial academic’s arrival roused tension both on and off campus. The Ubyssey reported that at least one student raised concern with university administration, and the Institute for Genocide Research Canada sent a letter of protest


Canada admits representatives of Islamic theocracies, terrorist front groups, and Hamas-lovers like George Galloway. But a critic of Islam must be stopped! His views must not be heard.

Personally, I think all the groups in the former Yugoslavia are a pretty vicious lot (except the Slovenes), but they should still be allowed to defend their views and state their case.


I am not sure I should be talking about this but when academics note something they tend to go on and ask: "Why is it so and how did it get that way?"

So I am inclined to ask why Yugoslavs have been so vicious towards one another? And let me spell out "vicious" a little. We are talking of gouging the eyes out of prisoners and soldiers grabbing babies out of their mothers' arms and throwing the babies down wells. Being a Yugoslav has long been a risky business.

I think it goes back to the Ottoman occupation, which prevailed in Yugoslavia for some centuries. The Ottomans (Muslim Turks) were not even very nice to one-another. Ottoman emperors usually had lots of sons due both to the Muslim custom of multiple wives and their maintenance of concubines in harems. So when an emperor died, there was a big race to see which son would be the next emperor. And as soon as the new emperor was established, he would murder all his brothers -- to prevent future challenges.

So they were the charming people who ruled Yugoslavia for some centuries. And I think that their example caused all Yugoslavs to behave likewise.

So how did the Slovenes escape? They were rescued early on by the (Christian) Habsburgs (aka the Holy Roman Empire) immediately to their North so did not have as long to suffer under the Muslims.

I note that the situation is similar in India. Indians are generally polite and gentle people but Hindu Indians LOATHE their Muslim minority and murder some of them from time to time.

Why? Because the Muslims spent centuries trying to conquer India but succeeded only in parts of the North. And their treatment of Hindus over whom they ruled was very harsh in the usual Muslim way. So Hindu Indians have good historical reasons to hate Muslims.


  1. Srdja Trifkovic is known anti-semite. He has apparantly appologised for his comments - but only because he got caught.

  2. Saved from ethnic cleansing, Albanian Kosovans party on!

    Who wouldn't want these folk as neighbours?


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