Australian army launches investigation into soldiers' anti-Afghan taunts

We read:
"An investigation has been launched into Facebook posts by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Soldiers are accused of describing Afghans as "ragheads", "dune coons", "sand niggaz" and "smelly locals" on Facebook.

In videos, photos and comments posted on the social networking site, troops also allegedly mock the people they have been sent to help.

A video has been posted showing the bombing of a bridge in Afghanistan, which was aired on Seven News last night. When an Afghan bystander is frightened by the bomb, someone can be heard to say "scared the f--- out of that muftee" and "f-----' boom".

Several soldiers list their employer as "F------ Ranga", some under their ADF listing. [A reference to Australia's red-headed Leftist Prime Minister. "Ranga" is common slang for a redhead. It is short for Orang Utan]

One Facebooker wrote that he he had just done an interview with the army and was waiting for a place in cavalry. A soldier replied: "I'm in Afghan ... now. running over c---- yeeha." He later comments: "dune coons, sand niggaz. f--- em all".


My contacts tell me that Afghans are generally unloved by troops serving there. The fact that any one of them could turn on you at any time with firearms or grenades does not promote respect and the very common use of boys for sex is a downer too.

The latter would be fiercely condemned as pedophilia in any one else -- but for Muslims it is OK, of course. Don't blame the troops if they don't buy that "OK", however.

Under those circumstances some contemptuous language about Afghans is to be expected. And soldiers do tend to express themselves in an unsophisticated way.

Even Afghan army troops supposedly working with allied troops have been known to launch treacherous attacks on allied troops. The reports of that have even made it into the media. What would your attitude to Afghans be in those circumstances?

I personally think that the Afghans are uncivilizable, though they were at least not dangerous when they were a British Protectorate. It was of course the Left which created the Afghan problem. Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan and it was the Muslim fanatics who drove them out again -- thus giving the fanatics great cred.


  1. I never heard of a dune coon.
    Heard all the rest while I was in the Navy back in the 80's.

  2. These people are sent to FIGHT AND KILL the Taliban.

    So according to the leftist - it`s ok to kill the people you are fighting a war against (the Taliban), but calling them a Dune Coon is a crime against humnity !!!

    For farks sake you moron lefties, we sent out soldiers there to kill these people, and YOU are worried that they call them nasty names !!


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