Brazilian humor goes down badly in Britain

Did you know that Burger King/Hungry Jack's is now owned by a Brazilian company? Their chief exec., Bernardo Hees, is a Brazilian
"Burger King's global boss was facing criticism yesterday after he said that British women were "unattractive" and that English food was "terrible".

Bernardo Hees, 41, who became the fast food chain's chief executive in September, made the unguarded remarks while addressing a group of students at the University of Chicago.

Mr Hees recalled that while studying for an MBA at England's University of Warwick, the hard work he put into his studies was easy because there were a few distractions. "The food is terrible, and the women are not very attractive (in England)," he said.

"Here in Chicago, the food is good, and you are known for good-looking women," he was quoted as saying in the Chicago Maroon, the University of Chicago's student newspaper.

Mr Hees' comments quickly drew condemnation from British restaurant chefs and female students.


In my experience, his comments about British food are spot on. It's hard to believe how bad British food can sometimes be.

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