Illuminated crucifix taken down after sole complaint

The following is a report of a very weak-kneed response in Australia. Australia has no 1st Amendment so there was no legal need to respond at all
"A single complaint has forced the removal of an illuminated crucifix display in Warrnambool, potentially ending a four-decade Easter tradition. Resident Graham Keith told The Standard he objected to the "religious advertising" at the west Warrnambool water tower and said it should be removed.

The company behind the display, Wannon Water, has confirmed the cross will be taken down following the complaint. "The complainant claimed that the cross on the tower was inappropriate as Australia has a secular constitution and therefore a religious symbol has no place on a publicly owned structure," said Wannon Water managing director Grant Green.

"Following consideration of this issue, Wannon Water resolved not to proceed with a long-term lease of air space on the water tower to Warrnambool City Council," he said. The council moved the cross to the water tower in October after its former position was deemed structurally unsound.

Unless the council is able to find a new location, the annual display - which began in 1967 - may be lost forever.


Like Britain, Australia is a very irreligious place so that may be part of the reason why the placing of the cross was not defended.

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