Feminist harpies turned on by stockings

"A family clothing chain that used the image of a dead woman lying under a couch on the cover of its latest catalogue has been accused of sexualising violence against women.

The front page of the Rivers catalogue features a dead woman wearing high heels and fishnet stockings and bears the title "10 Deadly Deals", the Herald Sun reported.

Feminist group Collective Shout, who campaign against the objectification of women in advertising, have called for a boycott of the popular chain.

The group has also complained to the Advertising Standards bureau about a previous cover which featured a naked young women crouching in knee-high stockings with the headline "Get Excited".

"The fishnet tights and high heels and the dead woman under the couch, they're all cues to sexualise an act of violence," Ms Liszewski said.

In a statement, Rivers said their female marketing director had chosen the image. "All of our staff are scratching our heads and wondering how on earth the website in question manages to conjure up such weird and draconian interpretations of our catalogue covers," it read.


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