Canadian academic to be tried for hate speech

He's already been acquitted in one court. He is just a standard antisemitic conspiracy theorist who stated his views on a website. Democrat hero General Wesley Clark appears to have similar views.
"Former University of Saskatchewan instructor Terrence Tremaine will have his day in court for charges of spreading hate speech, reported the Leader-Post.

On Mar. 11, Regina Provincial Court Judge Bruce Henning decided that the crown had provided enough evidence at a preliminary hearing to proceed to a trial. A court date has not yet been set.

In the past Tremaine has declared himself to be the leader of the National-Socialist Party of Canada, an unregistered political party which is dedicated to white sovereignty.

Doug Christie, a lawyer practising in B.C. who once called anti-hate legislation “a massive waste of police resources” according to the Leader-Post, will represent Tremaine in court.

Christie’s previous clients include the late First Nations Leader David Ahenakew, who faced charges of inciting hatred which were later dismissed.


If they don't get him in the next trial, the will most probably keep going to other courts until they get the verdict they want.

That's what they did with Ahenakew. He praised Hitler and called Jews a disease. He was at first convicted of hate speech but they kept appealing the verdict until they finally got him off -- on the grounds that his comments did not show an intent to incite hatred. Only a Canadian could conclude that!

But Ahenakew is a minority person, you see. There are opposite rules for whites and minorities in Canada.

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  1. There is no religious documentation currently available that suggests 'Whites' have ever felt themselves entitled to 'rule the world'... Most are content to live an let live, usually in the form of a broad separatism of sorts. In the UK for instance, any indigenes who object to unfettered immigration are smeared as "White Supemacists" and 'racists'....usually by those who are happy to identify "racially" by a religion that entitles themselves to the worshipful obeisance of others also identified and included within the doctrines of that religion.

    A preordained destiny to rule over other lesser thans is the province of others, not "Whites".


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