Somerville, Oreskes (Warmists) Refuse To Debate Fred Singer (eminent skeptic)

Fred Singer offered to debate Richard Somerville and Naomi Oreskes in January in San Diego. Both declined. Oreskes said she didn’t want to debate someone “with a known record of promoting public misrepresentation of science.”

Richard Somerville works in La Jolla and claims that sea level is rising “at the high end of forecasts.” This in spite of the fact that the beach outside his office has shown little visible change in sea level over the last 140 years – as seen in the animation below.

The NOAA tide gauge in La Jolla shows no change over at least the last 25 years, and only a few inches difference in the last 80 years.

Perhaps what Oreskes meant to say was that she didn’t want to debate someone “with a known record of exposing public misrepresentation of science.”

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Fred Singer comments: I fully understand the unwillingness of Somerville (and Oreskes) to debate the scientific evidence underlying current fears of Global Warming. They obviously prefer to avoid scrutiny of the 'facts' that they so widely trumpet.

In Oreskes' case, a debate would also constitute a tacit admission that there is no complete 'scientific consensus,' and thereby destroy her dogmatic claims.

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