Some very frank and hence "incorrect" comments about homosexual "marriage" from some of the old-timers who email me

A lot of old-timers vote so cannot be disregarded. I am aware that the comments below may offend some but I think all points of view should be aired. We are hardly a democracy if they cannot be aired. If you don't like old-fashioned straight talk, don't read on

1). Re nonsense of same sex marrriage and Paul Keatings immortal words: "Two men and a cockerspaniel do not make a family". To a huge segment of the population these people are deviants and many call them poofters. I suggest you let sleeping dogs lie. They are not prosecuted or persecuted anymore and this is enough.

2). Labor is going to have to start putting some distance between it and the Greens who keep going on about the polls indicating that 62% of the population are in favor of gay marriage.

I would like to know where the polls on this issue are taking place, probably Tasmania, The ABC or Australia Post, the latter, in Brisbane at least, is getting full of the sick bastards. The poofs and lesos at the ABC National are giving this issue plenty of air time, so you don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to work out which way they are leaning, or in this case bending over.

We had old Chipp and the Democrats keeping the bastards honest. Now we have the Greens keeping everyone's bum to the wall.

Thank the good lord big Julia is in to a bit of the old fashinoned hetrosexual in and out and by the look of the size of her arse it looks like she is geting plenty of practice in the old indoor sport.

She is not the best sort in town but I wouldn't knock her back, mind you I may not come out of it alive and at my time of life you can't afford to knock anything back, not that I am getting any offers at home or anywhere else for that matter.

Jokes aside, the biggest worry is Labor, the Government that is. They aren't too worried about this issue dragging on as it keeps the heat off them on other issues. The big problem with this is the longer it goes on the more chance it has of getting up.

These politicans are ruthless bastards and either party, Labor of the Opposition, would run with this if it meant getting in or staying in government -- and that is the big worry.

3). These Greens in federal parliament are the most dangerous bludgers I have ever seen - or heard. I thought the Moslems were/are dangerous but the Greens are their equal. Ironically if the former ever come here in huge numbers there may be a few poofs dangling from the gallows. I wonder if the Greens consider that.

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