A fanatic at work

LSU astronomy Professor Mocks, Berates Students for Conservative Views. The amusing thing is that the fanatic would deny that astronomy has anything to do with global warming -- so how is his diatribe relevant to what he is supposed to be teaching?

CampusReform.org, a network of conservative and libertarian student activists, acquired video of a Louisiana State University astronomy professor who seated students by their political views on global warming in class and then openly mocked conservative students. The first of three videos was released today.

In the video, Professor Bradley Schaeffer tells students who support limited government regulation for global warming that "blood will be on your hands" because of their political opinions.

As part of the coursework, the professor asked the students who favored no or limited government response to global warming this question in writing:

"Your professed policies have a substantial likelihood of leading to the death of a billion or more people. (A) Estimate the probability that you personally will be killed in an ugly way because of your current decision? (B) What is the probability that any children of yours will die in ugly ways due to your current decision?"

Schaeffer later compares deaths from European heat waves to the deaths of Americans who died on September 11. "Now remember, how many people got killed on 9/11?" he says to the class. "What was it? One thousand? Two thousand? Something like that. Three thousand, whatever. It's [9/11] dwarfed by this [heat waves]. Why aren't people reacting?"

The first video is available at CampusReform.org.

The video was taken through the Leadership Institute's National Field Program, which sends field representatives to support conservative and libertarian students at colleges across the country each fall. The video and accompanying story were then posted on CampusReform.org, a project of the Leadership Institute.


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  1. Wow! Liberal propaganda at its finest. He sounds like an old hippie who smoked too much weed in the 60's. Let him go back and stay there.

    Bravo to the conservatives who stood their ground and did not let this clown intimidate them with his ignorant babbling.


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