Leftist thugs running the show in Canadian universities

We read:
"It is time for universities to crack down on intolerance and send a message to those who would shut down speakers with whom they disagree.

In the latest assault on free speech at a university, three protesters chained themselves together with bike locks last week at the University of Waterloo, preventing author and Globe and Mail columnist Christie Blatchford from speaking.

They repeatedly chanted "racist" in response to views expressed by Blatchford in her new book Helpless: Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy and How the Law Failed All of Us. It deals with the 2006 incident at Caledonia, Ont. where protesters from the Six Nations reserve took over a nearby construction site.

Invoking a familiar cop-out, university security told Blatchford they could not ensure her safety, so she went home.

Alas, the thugs win again, just like they did earlier this year in keeping Ann Coulter away from the University of Ottawa.

The message is that anyone who wants to shut down a speaker on a Canadian campus simply has to stage a protest and a university will cave in. Increasingly, intolerance is winning.

The University of Waterloo should have called for backup, cut the bike locks and dragged away the three protesters, along with their negotiator and media spokesperson.


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